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Dowty Propellers is a world leading manufacturer of integrated propeller systems.  Its products are used in applications that range from regional airliners and military airlifters to marine hovercraft.  As a pioneer in composite blade technology, the Company has continuously evolved and perfected its resin transfer moulding techniques – the basis from which all the Company’s composite blade designs have been developed.  

Dowty Propellers approached Future AM to design and manufacture an updated version of their frames which hold the resin transfer moulds for propeller blades.  This highly regulated, bespoke piece of machinery is critical in the production of resin transfer system moulding carbon fibre blades for turbo prop aircraft.

After drawing up a specification, preliminary design and production quotation, Future was given the go ahead to manufacture 3 machines.


Technical proposal & quotation

Future Advanced Manufacture produced a detailed technical proposal and quotation for the design and manufacture of bespoke, highly regulated resin transfer mould frames.


Preliminary design concepts were created by Future’s highly skilled Design Department and approved by Dowty Propellers.  Once approved detailed designs and a suite of technical drawings were then produced.


Future’s dedicated engineers set about manufacturing the frames’ mechanical parts which integrate with hydraulic and electrical systems from suppliers Versatile Controls and Branch Hydraulics.

Building & testing 

The machines were built and tested to ensure maximum efficiency and optimum quality.  From quotation to completion took 8 months. 

Engineering excellence 

Future Advanced Manufacture is the ‘go to’ company for one stop design, manufacture, integration and testing of high integrity equipment across a wide range of sectors.  This is just an example of one of the many projects Future Advanced Manufacture has been involved with in the aerospace industry.  Our team of highly experienced, skilled engineers and designers can take both simple and highly complex components from concept through to full production, or manufacture existing designs direct to drawing.  

Whether you’re looking for the manufacture of a prototype, or high quality, scalable production, Future Advanced Manufacture is here to support you.

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