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Supporting superstars and steady hands
31st August 2016

Future’s capability for using five-axis machining technology to create components from exotic materials and special metals such as inconel and aerospace grade titanium, means we can take on jobs that many sub-contracting companies can’t.

However, the nature of our business means we’re now equally as likely to create one-off prototypes as we are to implement long-term production contracts. This requires significant investment in the creation of highly-skilled people who are either ‘superstars’ at programming offline to create unique R&D solutions or ‘steady hands’ who can ensure the exact repeatability and risk mitigation we need in long-term production.

Jon explains: “One of our latest machines is a Mazak Integrex i400 Smooth which holds many tools in a fully-automated tool carousel providing the ability to create complex things without lots of resets. To make the most of this efficiency requires great skill and this was instrumental in the unique motorsport R&D project we undertook recently. Yet we also use it in the production of landing gear and critical aerospace components because of its ability to produce exactly the same product every time, many times over.

“Although using the same machine, these two different jobs each demand a highly trained operative with a different set of skills to deliver the task to the highest quality. This is our challenge, to find, build, support and retain the best people.”

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