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Richard Graham MP greets FutureAM Apprentices
28th August 2014

Richard Graham MP greets FutureAM Apprentices

FutureAM's new recruits

Richard Graham, MP for Gloucester, welcomes our latest apprentices Scott Hutchinson and Harriette Harvey

Harriette Harvey and Scott Hutchinson have just started their Apprenticeship at Future Advanced Manufacture. They have both completed their first year at Gloucester College and have a bright future ahead of them.

Earlier this month Richard visited Future AM in the light of the successful re-shoring of work from China and was interested to learn that two apprentices were about to join the company and wanted to return and meet them.

“Harriette and Scott are both great examples of young people in Gloucester going out and helping leading-edge engineering companies into the future. I am excited that Future Advanced Manufacture is providing the opportunities, that we have the training in the city to help them and that young men and women are seizing these opportunities. I wish them both the best of luck.”

Harriette is joining the busy Inspection Department as the Quality Assurance Apprentice. When asked for her initial reaction Harriette said: “It’s a great achievement to be accepted into this company. I am looking forward to the prospect of completing my apprenticeship and going into a new sector of work that I haven’t been in before.”

Scott has been successful in getting the Manufacturing apprenticeship. He said: “If you work hard at school there’s endless opportunities out there for you. I’m thrilled to be at Future Advanced Manufacture, it’s a very good forward-thinking company with a good work ethos and I am looking forward to completing the apprenticeship and to working here for the next part of my life.”

Over the years the Future Apprenticeship scheme has been very successful at producing top-quality engineers, many of whom are still with the company. Managing Director and owner of the company, Craig Peterson, said: “Future Advanced Manufacture is delighted to have Harriette and Scott join our ever-expanding team and we wish them all the best in their apprenticeships at Future. I am sure that they will be as successful as our previous apprentices.”

Quite something to live up to - no pressure then, Harriette and Scott.

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