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Now made in 3D
1st September 2016

Adding yet another string to its bow, Future has recently acquired a Stratasys Objet30 Prime, the only desktop 3D printer in the world that works with 12 materials. Being able to quickly and easily create consumer-ready prototypes in house has led Future to solve a very specific challenge for Inceil, a specialist provider of conservatory ceiling insulation systems.

“The system we use is a sealed membrane made up from a number of layers,” explains Inceil’s Iain Yarranton. “On certain conservatories we need to install a roof vent to ensure adequate airflow. We had been making these vents by hand from Perspex and although we only really need to use a couple a month, they were taking us ages to make.

“Craig and I had a discussion about how they could possibly be made more quickly and efficiently and the Future team worked with us to come up with a replacement design that could be 3D printed. The new plastic vent looks so much better and the material is temperature stable so it works well in all weathers which is crucial for every part of a conservatory. It also means we can hold a small batch in stock so they’re on hand exactly when we need them.”

Craig concludes: “We’re investing in technology and people that give Future a huge range of capabilities from creating bespoke problem-solving products for businesses like Inceil, to one-off testing equipment for F1 and fulfilling large production orders for some of the world’s largest companies in some of the most challenging industries. We’re really excited to see where this will take us next.”

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