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New appointments
14th February 2017

Future’s expansion and plans for continued growth are supported by a shift in the organisation of its senior management with three significant promotions.

After nine years as Managing Director, Craig Peterson has moved into the role of Chief Executive. Former Project Manager, Sean Taylor, has been appointed Operations Director, and Arash Hatefi is now Quality Director.

“I’m really pleased to welcome Sean and Arash to the senior management team, their promotions are testament to the great contribution they’ve already made to the business,” says Craig.

“Now that we have standalone facilities for production and R&D, Sean will be taking on the further development of our world class R&D Centre, working in tandem with Production Director, Jon Ellwood, who continues to drive our industry-leading production manufacturing capabilities. Both arms of the business will be supported by Arash and his team to ensure that we maintain the many necessary accreditations, assurances and high standards we need to have in place to work in safety- critical industries.”

Offering the best of both worlds

The demands of production and R&D customers can often differ to the extent that servicing both in the same facility can be contradictory. Sean Taylor and Jon Ellwood explain the benefits of physically separating the two core elements of the business.

“At Future we’re now able to concentrate our resources specifically to service the unique needs of each customer and focus our investment strategy accordingly,” says Sean. “In my new role as Operations Director, this enables me to be more hands on with staff development within the R&D Centre. We can build on the high skill level that already exists, exploit the latest machining technology and bring in more support and design expertise. This is how we’re restructuring the business to provide the best possible service in the delivery of specialist and high-end R&D projects in sectors such as F1, space and propulsion.”

Jon agrees: “Having a clearly defined dedicated facility for production now allows us to truly focus on further refinement of existing programmes of work and ensure that every new project is fully optimised and industrialised. I will be able to implement our ideas for further tools appropriate to our world class production and maximise the benefits of the new facility.

“Often customers require both elements of the business so there is crossover. They are able to develop products with us and then have them made into fully scalable high integrity production - we are truly a one-stop shop for R&D and production. By having separate facilities that meet these needs means that we can develop each of them to be the very best at what they do, providing the best of both worlds.”

L-R: Craig Peterson, Sean Taylor, Arash Hatefi and Jon Ellwood.

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