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Future is Business of the Year
30th November 2016

Gloucestershire is home to some of the most innovative, entrepreneurial and forward-thinking businesses and we’re proud to be one of them. As such, we were thrilled to be named Business of the Year at the Gloucestershire Business Awards, one of the most highly-contested accolades in our area.

Winning this award not only recognised the hard work and ambition of our highly skilled team but also the significant contribution that Future makes to the local economy; currently, almost all our orders come from within a 100-mile radius of our head office in Staverton.

“What’s great about being in Gloucestershire is that we’re surrounded by like-minded businesses that are pushing the boundaries of innovation, and some of them are our customers,” says Managing Director, Craig Peterson.

“In turn, they continue to push us. Future prides itself on working with and supporting the world’s best engineers and designers but to turn their ideas, concepts and designs into reality we need to be on top of our game, especially when it comes to using the very latest manufacturing and precision engineering technology and processes in the most innovative ways.

“Our highly skilled team includes leading engineers, programmers, project managers and designers who work together to deliver safety-critical components, integrated systems solutions and cutting-edge prototypes. We do this for oil and gas, nuclear, marine, defence, aerospace, space, Formula 1 and medical industries. To keep pace with developments in these fields, it’s imperative that we invest in our own skills pipeline and ensure that knowledge and expertise are passed on. This is also why we recruit at least 10% of our workforce as apprentices every year.”

We believe that this ambition and passion to be at the cutting-edge is not only what has led Future to be named Gloucestershire Business of the Year, but to become one of the most sought after businesses in advanced manufacturing.

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