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Farewell to Mike - the end of an Era
19th March 2013

Farewell to Mike - the end of an Era

"Choose a work that you love and you won't have to work another day"

The founder of FutureAM, Mike Sullivan, has retired after 35 years in the business.

Mike joined the company in 1978, founding the original Limited Company in 1981. Following a BA(Hons) at Leicester, he worked as a product designer in the UK and Europe before moving to Cheltenham, where he concentrated on business growth within the local aerospace and oilfield guidance industries.

“Whenever I have looked back on my working life here, I have been forced to admit that 90% of the success of the company that I was running was due to the hard work, the loyalty, the abilities and the commitment of the team of people around me,” said Mike at his leaving presentation.

"I have also realised that this same team of individuals all with differing skills and talents, have been the prime drivers in the company growing from very small beginnings to a company that commands a certain respect in its field.

“A lot of the people here have been here a very long time and I specifically want to thank you for supporting me in this long journey.”

Farewell to Mike - the end of an Era

Mike’s retirement follows the completion of a highly successful management buy-out under the leadership of Craig Peterson.

“I could not have underestimated more how incredibly challenging I would find following in the footsteps of such a great and hugely successful individual” said Craig.

“I truly hope that I can follow Mike’s lead in directing the business towards similar successes in the Future.

"The foundation Mike has laid over the past three decades has been the catalyst for the success the business is seeing today. Mike has built a really strong team here at Future that is now becoming increasingly recognised as a World-class manufacturer.

"After all, you truly are the reason we are all here today and for that we all thank you."

We will all miss you Mike, but we wish you all the best for the future – and a long and happy retirement!

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