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Environmental Management
27th June 2016

Future's Managing Director Craig Peterson and Quality Manager Arash Hatefi discuss how ISO14001 has been critical to its success in Production and R&D.

Managing supply chain efficiency and the environmental impacts of manufacturing are major priorities for many of our customers and as a Tier One supplier, we understand it’s imperative that we too can prove to be responsible for managing and reducing the impact our services and operations have on the environment. As a result, Future has invested in time and resource to achieve and maintain the Environmental Management Standard, ISO14001.

Arash explains: “We were delighted to achieve ISO14001 in 2014, having worked hard to understand and interpret the environmental aspects of our business and the impacts they have. Under the criteria set by the standard we put in place a management system that, for the last two years, has enabled us to manage, monitor and measure our activities so that we can make continuous improvements in reducing Future’s impact on the environment.

“The key aspects we identified were; discharge to landfill, the atmosphere, and underground water, so we invested heavily in risk mitigation, processes and training to prevent and control spillages and reduce waste and energy consumption.

“We put KPIs in place to monitor our progress and in less than two years we’ve been able to cut landfill waste to zero and reduce energy consumption. This has been a huge achievement for the business, but the challenge now is to keep up the momentum and stay up to date with changing legislation and requirements that don’t just affect us, but our customers too and the services we provide for them.”

Craig comments: “Our business strategy is to continue expanding our portfolio of large blue chip clients across a range of industries, and we recognised some time ago that having ISO14001 would eventually become a pre-requisite in the tendering process. We’re now seeing this become a reality and environmental management is critical throughout the manufacturing supply chain.

“Therefore, not only does reducing the impact of our business practices on the environment sit at the heart of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, it also helps us to provide a more competitive offering.”

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