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Arrival of our second Mazak - Integrex i-200
31st January 2013

Arrival of our second Mazak - Integrex i-200

FutureAM aims to further enhance productivity and output with its new 24-hour Mazak cell to support a rapidly growing order book.

This has been helped with the arrival of our second Mazak, the multi-tasking Integrex i-200, as the latest addition to our Mill/Turn section, which arrived at the beginning of December 2012 to go alongside the i-400 in Unit 18. Machines had been relocated elsewhere within our other Units to make room for the new arrival and to streamline production.

FutureAM has been supported by HSBC in this investment with funding through their Regional Growth Fund.

Over the past 12 months FutureAM has invested heavily in training and personnel with the right expertise to push this technology to its limit, cutting the World's most demanding materials such as Inconel 718 and high grade titaniums.

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